Audio Leaflets and Communication Assistance

Communication Assistance

We want to get better at communicating with our Patients; we want to make sure you can understand and benefit from the information we send you.

If you find it hard to read letters or need someone to support you at appointments, please let us know – for example if you need information in braille, large print or easy read.

We want to know if you need a British Sign Language interpreter or advocate, let us know if we can support you to lip read or if you use a hearing aid or communication tool.

Please tell the receptionist when you are next at the surgery or give us a call on 0195282222.

Interpreter Services

The Practice aims to ensure that all patients are given a clear explanation, including information about any risks and other choices available, before decisions are made on their treatment.

The NHS demands that this is through one of our trained and certified Interpreters, Interpreters are specially trained to deal with medical terminology and can explain the treatment being suggested.

It is natural that family members will want to contribute to this communication process and important that they do so, however, family and friends must not be used as a substitute for trained Interpreters and therefore we must ensure interpreters are used for all clinical consultations.

Why NOT family members?

  • They are not trained interpreters
  • They are not accountable to anyone
  • There may be a breach of confidentiality
  • There may be a conflict of interest
  • Vital information can be withheld or omitted
  • Misinformation can lead to misdiagnosis

We appreciate that some patients may be unhappy about this however we may need to insist that an interpreter is used in order to ensure that the consultation is carried safely and appropriately.

If you or someone you care for requires an interpreter at a consultation please mention this when booking the appointment.

Audio Leaflets

If you have difficulty reading or seeing (or like a bedtime story!) you can click on these audio files which tell you some useful information about the practice; you will need headphones or speakers to listen to them.

If you would like a copy of these MP3 files, please contact reception.

Opening Paragraph Audio

Opening Hours

Making an Appointment

Ordering a Repeat Prescription

Home Visits and Emergencies

Making a Complaint