Our Aims

Our aims at Happy House Surgery are:

  • To provide high quality, effective, patient centered medical health care.
  • To provide a caring and compassionate service respecting the needs of our patients and their families.
  • To provide an effective service within clean, safe and accessible surroundings.
  • To involve our patients in discussions and decisions regarding their healthcare and treatment.
  • To provide a professional approach to our patients which will be courteous, accommodating and friendly.
  • To work with all of our partners and other providers to ensure the seamless care of our patients.
  • To give patients the opportunity to influence the decisions made in the way the surgery operates.
  • To improve and optimise our performance against local and national targets
  • To ensure our staff are well trained and motivated to ensure the delivery of the highest possible care
  • To ensure the rights of patients are maintained and respect their individual wishes.
  • To act quickly and properly where patients are unhappy with any element of their service.
  • To ensure that all information is accurate and kept in a safe and confidential manner.